MWIR-640 390 500/1800C-25-HF

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AMETEK Land Part No. 815429

A smart mid-wavelength thermal imager providing a full temperature measurement range of 300 to 1800 °C (572 to 3271 °F) in two ranges with a choice of different optics and lenses.

The new MWIR-640 390 thermal imager builds on more than 20 years of thermal imaging experience, expanding the market-leading range of AMETEK Land thermal imaging family and temperature measurement solutions.

Advanced spectral filtering enables the MWIR-640 390 to provide clear images through smoke or particulates in high temperature processes, while showing every detail of surface structure in heat treatment applications.

Two temperature measurement ranges, 500 °C to 1800 °C (932 to 3271 °F) and 300 to 1200 °C (572 to 2192 °F), cover applications from melting to final processing.  Three lens options offer a choice of optical field of view, all with motorised focus.

An integrated webserver with multiple I/O options enables the camera to be used autonomously or easily integrated into new or existing process control systems. The webserver provides easy camera access, configuration and remote control, using a standard browser.

The MWIR-640 measures and streams live true-temperature images at up to 60 frames per second, providing high-precision temperature measurements and thermal profiles to continuously control, document, and visualise industrial processes.

Designed for use in harsh industrial and environmental conditions, the MWIR-640’s smart, Industry 4.0 capabilities, bi-direction digital interfaces and on-board I/O provide reliable and robust, real-time thermal imaging measurement and imagery in industrial processes.

The pixel resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and the high thermal resolution deliver uniquely clear and detailed thermal images and videos, at up to 60 Hz frame rate. This unmatched image quality supports highly accurate process visualisation and control.

Advanced IMAGEPro image and data processing software offers real-time analysis of thermal images, giving users an exceptional level of understanding and control of their process. It also enables monitoring and configuration of up to 16 imagers.

MWIR-640 390 is part of AMETEK Land’s smart thermal imaging solution for a range of industrial applications including automation, process control, slag detection, secondary steel making vessels (e.g. EAF, BOF), melting operations, copper, platinum and others, heat treatment and much more.