Sprint 8

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AMETEK Land Part No. 4408241301

A compact, rugged non-contact pyrometer designed for lower temperature industrial processes.

Designed for the control and process monitoring of lower temperature applications, Sprint 8 integrates AMETEK Land’s reliable measurement into a tough package designed for harsh environments.

Machined from durable stainless steel to operate in challenging environments, Sprint 8 outputs a stable measurement via a linear 4-20mA loop powered output signal, making it a simple, reliable and cost-effective choice for a range of applications. The digital design allows the span of the instrument to be adjusted anywhere within the overall temperature range of the instrument.

By combining powerful onboard digital processing with simple operation of measurement parameters and response speed, using the supplied EasySpot Windows interface software, Sprint 8 delivers the flexibility and measurement reliability engineers need.

Available in eight models offering different focus and optics options, Sprint 8 is ideal for monitoring temperatures spanning -18 °C (0 °F) to 982 °C (1800 °F) in applications in the industrial processing and minerals industries.

The Sprint 8 is a fixed focus compact pyrometer that utilizes supplied EasySpot software to configure settings such as temperature span, temperature units, emissivity value, and response speed. The pyrometer can be connected through analog and/or digital communications.

Sprint 8’s stainless steel tubular body can be further protected from hostile conditions by air purges and installation of optional cooling jackets

An optional green LED aiming diode makes alignment easy, even when the measurement object is difficult to target. The green LED spot size and location approximates the actual measurement spot size at the measurement distance.

Sprint 8 is AMETEK Land’s rugged infrared pyrometer for process monitoring and control.